So is “outbound dead”?

This has become a hot topic and almost a meme across LinkedIn and social media in SaaS.  There’s no question for most of us, outbound is a lot harder than it was in 2021.  And that the standard, automated cadences and break-up emails generally aren’t performing all that well.

But does that mean that high quality, truly value-add and tailored outreach to a prospect that’s in market or will be soon … doesn’t work?  That’s not my experience.  That always works.

What do you think?  We did a recent survey, and the feedback was almost split.  Yes, 55% of you are shrinking or not growing your SDR and outbound teams.   That’s the half-empty side.

But 45% of you are investing more in outbound and hiring more SDRs.  It’s working for you.  This also ties to a prior survey we did where 49% of folks said outbound wasn’t working for them — but 51% said it was still working.

For most of the startups I work with, and even SaaStr itself, outbound still works.  But like most things, you have to do better and try harder these days.

Long Live Outbound.  The right kind.

Does Outbound Still Work? 49% Of You Say No


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