So I don’t have a strong emotional attachment to the geo debtes:  is SF Back?  I say, sort of — at least for founders, VCs and execs.  Is Miami a tech hub?  I want to believe, and yet … for SaaS …  Austin?  Maybe.  Utah?  Utah is clearly a SaaS powerhouse, but not necessarily a place a lot of founders move to to get a SaaS company off the ground.

Look, I love it all, all these tech centers.  I just want to know.  What’s the headquarters of SaaS today?  Cyberspace?  Zoom?  Hayes Valley?

As part of the latest Cloud 100, Bessemer collected data on the top 400 SaaS and Cloud companies surveyed,and found:

  • 52% are based in California, mainly the SF Bay Area
  • 16% are headquartered in New York
  • and 4%-5% in each of Florida, Texas and Massachusetts

The real outlier is Tel Aviv and Israel.  That’s the geo punching above its weight class:

Listen, personally, I’d rather be living in Miami or at the beach in SoCal.  I’m at both several times a year, in fact.  And I know most of us are now running hybrid or distributed teams.  And I know the SF Bay Area will never be what it was in 2020.

But it’s still #1 for SaaS.  At least for founders, top execs and VCs.

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