We’ve used various bits of the BVP Nasdaq Index and metrics since they launched a few years ago to highlight trends in SaaS and Cloud.

This week even after a pullback, public SaaS and Cloud companies are up an even 1000% (!) since 2013.  1000%.

Yes, the markets have retreated a bit from their all-time highs.  But does it even matter?  Cloud has been on an incredible tear since 2012 or so, and then even more since about 2016, and then as you can see above, went into hyperdive in about 2018 … and then into true warp speed after Covid.

SaaS and Cloud are up +1000% since 2013.  That’s better than almost any venture fund.

And Google, Gartner and others are predicting Cloud will triple again in the coming years.

And take a deep dive from Bessemer Venture Partners here on the Current State of the Cloud in 2021:

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