Our first digital mega event of the year is here!

SaaStr Build will be LIVE on Wednesday, March 16th, and will focus on how to build better, strong faster products to $100M and beyond.

Tickets to Build are free, so be sure to sign up to tune into our incredible lineup of speakers, including:

  • CEO Amplify
  • CEO Segment
  • CEO 1Password
  • CEO CircleCI
  • COO Atlassian
  • CPO Samsara
  • CPO Notion
  • CMO Digital Ocean
  • CMO Automattic + much more! 



With so many incredible sessions to choose from, we thought we’d highlight a few for you here:

Building & Scaling Global Product Teams 🌎

Top 5 Mistakes While Building & Scaling Global Product Teams from Microsoft to Salesforce to Hubspot with HubSpot’s GM & VP, Products Poorvi Shrivastav, GM & VP, Products @ HubSpot

Building a team of rockstar product managers and leaders is hard, but even harder is to scale the team by hiring and growing senior talent in global locations while maintaining a culture of innovation, impact, and integrity. At SaaStr Build, Poorvi will be sharing her key learnings from building organizations and teams across different companies and roles.

The Secrets to Going Big, Going Multi-Product and Going Public 😱

The Secrets to Going Big, Going Multi-Product and Going Public with Amplitude’s CEO Spenser Skates

From seed funding to going public, Spenser Skates, CEO, and co-founder of Amplitude will discuss his journey building Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System from the ground up and empowering organizations of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 100 companies — to build better products. Spenser will share lessons learned from scaling Amplitude and expanding its product suite, his experience becoming only the tenth company to go public via direct listing, and his belief that the organizations that will win in the digital-first era are those that are product-led.

Why Customer Success and Product Should be Best Friends 🤝

Why Customer Success and Product Should be Best Friends: Lessons Learned with AWS’ Head of Customer Success Harini Gokul

Customer Success is a team sport – we play well with Sales and Solution Architecture. And how about our product teams? Successful co-innovation for our customers needs strong partnerships between Customer Success and Product Leadership. When done right, Customer Success is the ultimate feedback mechanism – helping product teams to innovate for the better. In this session, Harini will discuss the optimal engagement model for the product, services, and customer success teams in the SaaS world to deliver value and innovation to your customers.

The Builders AND Sellers Playbook📖

The Builders AND Sellers Playbook: Proven Operational Models that Help Revenue & Product-led Teams Scale to $100M ARR with CircleCI’s CEO Jim Rose

We know the secret to SaaS is technology that scales, but what about the people? Effective collaboration between go-to-market and R&D teams is critical, and it all starts with understanding how the other side operates. Product-led organizations are made up of “builders and sellers,” two parts of your organization who inherently approach their work differently. To get the entire organization on the same page, a different playbook is required.

In this session, 20+ year SaaS entrepreneur and CircleCI CEO, Jim Rose, will share: understanding what product-led growth really means and how to find harmony during rapid expansion, how to build and use a data-driven engine to get R&D and GTM teams speaking the same language, and how to look for the key signals that drive critical decisions at various stages of growth.

View the full lineup for SaaStr Build here, and sign up for free. 

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