Already in town for the Annual?

We’re adding a last minute extra, informal meet-up with two of your favorites in the space: our own Jason Lemkin and Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital today (Monday) at 11:30am.

The Annual doesn’t open until Tuesday morning at 8am, but Jason and Christoph will do an informal AMA/Q&A/meet-up (+ selfies) Monday at 11:30am at “SaaStr Square Park” right in the venue, Hilton Union Square.

And key is you can register a day early, too while you are there.  This way we can help guarantee NO LINES!  At least if you drop by tomorrow.

This will be super informal, and unscripted.  The audio may not work, and there could be other bumps.  We won’t be officially open yet.  But if you’ve just flown in and want to meet Jason + Christoph early, come by Monday at 11:30am to SaaStr Square Park at the Hilton.  We’ll still be assembling some of the events in many of the rooms, but that will only add to the fun!

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