Dear SaaStr: I Was Fired Without Cause. Should I Tell My Story Publicly?

I get it. In a sense, it happened to me — once.

But I’ve learned a few things:

  • No one cares. They really don’t.
  • It can make you look a bit petty or weak (fair or not). No one wants to work with, or for, a weak CEO or VP.
  • There aren’t always 2 sides to every story per se, but it’s often at least a little nuanced. You’re often at least 1% at fault, or at least not perfect. You may not have been fired for cause, but you likely weren’t perfect. No one is. It’s not really worth it to get into that.  Fault is almost never 100/0.  Fault, in fact, often doesn’t even really matter in the end.
  • It doesn’t matter. It’s done. People get fired, managed out, and quit for a million reasons. It doesn’t matter. It’s done.

It doesn’t matter. Dust yourself off. Gripe to a few trusted friends.

And then never let them see you sweat.

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