Now that we have 40+ acres for the SaaStr Annual 2024 in SF Bay Area, Sep 10-12, we’ve been able to run a new initiative: building an Executive Briefing Center, and letting our top sponsors do their own meet-ups and even mini-events in our Executive Briefing Center.  The benefit was getting all of the vibe and infrastructure of Annual for your own mini-event for 20-100.  It turned out to work really well.

Platinum level and above sponsors are eligible to invite up to 50 of their customers to Annual 2024.  We can host 5, 10, or even 100 of your customers.  Give you VIP space at our exclusive Executive Briefing Center.  And let you all enjoy all the fun, content, 250+ sessions, and more at Annual and Europa together.  With us doing all the hard work. 🙂

We’ve got 40+ acres for SaaStr Annual 2024 with over 40 meeting spaces.  Don’t just join us.  Join us and bring your top customers.

Many folks want to do their own events, but lack scale.  Do yours inside of Annual and watch magic happen!

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