So Gartner slices and dices its data a number of ways, but I find it invaluable to track enterprise and CIO sentiment.  They’re polling 100s of CIOs at a time and they truly have a pulse on budgets.

And what’s the latest, in these somewhat turbulent times?

The latest is good news.

They predict public Cloud spending to rise 20% next year to $500 Billion.  And that’s the key driver of overall Cloud spend.

 They also importantly predict SaaS spend to grow to $200 Billion next year, also up almost 20%.  That’s a lot.

That’s a lot.  It means another, additional $20+ Billion spent on SaaS apps next year alone.

Times are a bit turbulent.  Some of your customers in B2C and that are startups may be under pressure and cutting back.  But overall — things are still growing like crazy in SaaS and Cloud.  These are still the best of times.  Even if they don’t quite feel it totally at the moment.

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