Early in my career, I was a bit skeptical of big analyst firms like Gartner.  Was it all sort of some sort of game in enterprise software?

But like many things, time goes on and I learned.  Yes, sometimes a vendor recommendation from Gartner can seem a bit circular.  But it doesn’t mean the analysis isn’t valuable.

It’s especially valuable in terms of market sizing and trends, because they do the work.  They talk to 100s and 100s of CIOs and CTOs to learn where they are spending.

And the answer in the next few years?  Even more on Enterprise Software than we thought.

Gartner has increased its estimates for global enterprise and IT spend for 2021 and 2022, with Enterprise Software and SaaS the biggest beneficiary, projected to grow a stunning 10.2% in 2022.

The Covid Boost isn’t over.  It just brought the future nearer by 3-7 years.

Strap in, and enough with the excuses.  The Cloud isn’t only bigger than ever.  It’ll be even bigger than we planned just a few months ago.

And enterprise software has an incredible run ahead of it.

Be part of it.

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