So 40% of our content at SaaStr Europa was on AI this year, and probably 33% of SaaStr Annual last year.  But it’s time for a full-fledged SaaStr AI Summit this year inside of SaaStr Annual.

You can join us just for AI Summit or all of Annual.  Either way, we’ll do something no one else is really doing — answering the fundamental questions for AI in SaaS and B2B:

  • What’s working, what isn’t — and what will be working
  • What you can really monetize in AI, and what you can’t
  • What customers expect vs. what they are getting with AI
  • Efficiency, and the Promises of AI

and so much more!

Just a few of the sessions coming:

#1. How Figma, Cloudflare, Github & Ramp added AI with GitHub’s and Cloudflare’s SVPs of Product

Learn from GitHub’s SVP Product, Cloudflare’s SVP Emerging Technolgies, Figma’s AI Product Designer and more:

“Meet the product leaders who rolled out AI to tens of millions of people, from the top companies across design, finance, and development. In this panel discussion, our group will share exactly how they built and launched frontier AI features, followed by massive adoption. They’ll discuss behind the scenes building GenAI, along with firsthand advice they wish they knew incorporating AI at scale.”

#2. How to Build a Category-Defining Gen AI Company and Scale from 0 to 100 with Cohere’s former VP of Marketing + Salesforce Ventures

How top leaders like Cohere have rocketed to a $3B+ valuation — and acquired their customers.

#3. Pricing AI Service-as-Software with Ununsual VC Sandhya Hegde, General Partner @ Unusual VC

“Enterprise adoption of generative AI has hit an inflection point in 2024 with many successful tools productizing parts of professional services. They are essentially providing Services-as-Software – the full realization of the original vision of SaaS. However pricing these products is extremely challenging – even more so for incumbents who need to disrupt their current business models. Learn how the emerging leaders in AI are approaching pricing and packaging their products for hypergrowth.”

#4. Beyond the Chatbot: How to Uplevel the CX with Practical AI with Calendly’s CPO and Head of User Experience

A deep dive with Calendly’s CPO and Head of CX and what can really be doing with AI beyond bots.  Should be a great one!

#5.  How to Leverage AI in Vertical SaaS with Activant Capital and CEOs of Owner, Alloy Automation, and Do Not Pay

“The toolkit for vertical application software has advanced at breakneck speed, creating opportunities to unseat incumbents and digitize whole industries. This session explores how advancement in gen AI, fintech & middleware is creating opportunities to reshape almost every industry and how modern platforms are redefining SaaS in the process.”

#6.  How Sales & CS 4x-ed Glean’s ARR and Top Tips for GTM Cross-Collaboration Strategies with Glean’s VP of Sales and Head of CS.

Glean AI has rocketed to a $3B valuation by selling AI search to the enterprise.  How are the success and cross-selling motions different here?

#7. 5 Things That Are Actually Working and 5 Things That Aren’t in SaaS AI with Ironclad’s CEO Jason Boehmig and Seema Amble, Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz

A great deep dive from an early SaaS AI adopter at nine-figures in ARR.

#8.  Cutting Through the Noise of Gen AI: How to Find Your Differentiation with CEOs of,, Rewind, and NEA’s Bella Liu

“Let’s cut through the buzz and explore where the technology is going and how successful companies are gaining traction in increasingly crowded markets. Joining Vanessa on stage are three cutting-edge Gen AI startup founders, CEO and Co-Founder Bella Liu, CEO and Co-Founder May Habib, and Rewind CEO and Co-Founder Dan Siroker to discuss how SaaS startups can differentiate themselves in a hyper-competitive market.”

#9.  “Building Enterprise at NVIDIA: From 0 to $50B+ Annual Revenue in 15 Years with NVIDIA’s SVP, Enterprise Business”

It doesn’t get too much more AI than Nvdia!  Shanker Trivedi, SVP Enterprise Business comes together with his son (!) Nikhil Triveldi from Footwork VC to share how Nvidia’s GTM and sales strategies.  Should be a fun one!

#10.  “How to Successfully Bring AI Products to Market at Scale with GitHub’s CRO Elizabeth Pemmerl, CRO @ GitHub”

This one should rock.

Ok that’s just an early list!

There will be 100+ sessions, braindates, mentorship sessions and more at SaaStr AI Summit!

Right on our 40-acre, outdoor-indoor festival style campus!

There will be nothing else like it.  The Practical Guide to AI in Business Software.  The SaaStr AI Summit.  Sep 10-11 in SF Bay.


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