We’ve got 130 SaaStr Europa sessions coming soon for you to watch!  We’re editing them, transcribing them, cleaning them up, and then publishing to SaaStr, our YouTube channel, and our podcast in some cases.

But a few sessions I thought were worth watching early, and here’s one of them — my deep dive with Henry Schuck, CEO of ZoomInfo.  ZoomInfo is one of the most interesting SaaS companies today, one of the very few to combine hyper-growth at $1B in ARR with hyper-profitability.  And it does it all with a sales-driven motion.

Henry and I did an updated deep dive on his Top 10 Learnings to Get to $1B in ARR here:

And a bit more on how ZoomInfo does it here:

Look for the full transcript, pod and more soon!!

Thanks for making 2022 Europa our best Europa ever!!



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