Please – NO TEASER.

Sorry for the ALL CAPS, but this is about the worst advice on the internet.

No VCs have time for teasers.

Instead, we have time for great pitches.

So send over the best pitch you have. If it’s an email, make it the best possible email you can. With the best metrics. The best team member call outs. The best you have. Make that email want VCs to invest — on its own.

If it’s a deck, make it the best deck you possibly can. With all the metrics, the vision, the market dynamics. All simplified into the best 20 slides you can put together. That 100% stand on their own. And that you’d invest in — without any other materials.

Teasers -> Archive, 95/100.

There just isn’t time. Everyone has some great idea. There are too many start-ups. Too many teasers and not enough time to follow-up.

Make it count.

Coffee really is for closers. In venture like anything else.

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