It’s time. For a deep dive on all things MRR, ARR, L4M, CLTV, NPS, CSAT, and more. At the Beach!! Or at least close to it.

Rincon Venture Partners (Jim Andelman and John Greathouse) and SaaStr will be hosting the 2016 L.A. Summer Social!

2 great sessions of content:

From 4-6pm ish.

  • Then, cocktails and meeting-up — until they kick us out!


>> You

>> 2 Amazing SaaStr-style sessions

>> 20 great cocktails (ok, we’ll do our best.  it may be a handful of craft beers and wine)

>> 250+ great SaaS founders and execs and THE BEST VCs IN THE WORLD


Grab a ticket here: SaaStr + Rincon Venture Partners L.A. Summer Social!


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