One thing I can say clearly as a 2x founder with some degree of success each time, and as a pretty decent investor so far is …

it’s crystal clear who is insanely better than you.

Crystal clear.

I know how hard all this cr*p is.  I know how hard it is to start something from nothing.  To recruit a team.  To get to $1m, $5m, $10m, $20m in ARR, etc.  To convince customers to buy from you when they shouldn’t.  To get into the very best start-ups as an investor.

I can’t tell for sure who from my “peer” group will do better or worse than me.

I can’t tell for sure who is 10% better than me, or 20%, or 18.98923%.

But the ones that are 10x better … you know it at every level.  Smart, faster, more insightful, get more sh*t done.  It’s more than IQ.

It’s the ability to (x) see the future and (y) out execute everyone else, (z) faster, more easily and with far more agility.

Those guys.  Just pull away from the pack.  Even if the pack is full of super successful folks as it is.

But.  If you haven’t worked with one of these guys.  You won’t know.

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