Ok, It’s A Go. The SaaStr Annual. Feb 5. With the CEOs of Box, MobileIron, GuideSpark, OpenDNS, Zenefits, Talkdesk, and More. Does It Get Any Better?'

Jason Lemkin

Ok we’re confirmed.

Locked and loaded.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.53.46 PMFebruary 5.  2015.

The Regency Ballroom.  San Francisco.  California.

The First SaaStr Annual.

It’s all day (and night).  9am – 11pm.  And if you’re flying in, a special event the evening before.

No panels.  No endless slide shows.

Instead, hands-on sessions that teach you how to do it.  How to go from $0 to $100m in ARR.  Faster, better, with less stress, and more success.

With CEOs and GMs of Box, MobileIron, GuideSpark,, OpenDNS, Zenefits, Talkdesk, Algolia, and much more.

How to do it.  How to scale your sales team.  How to do a full-court press on PR.  How to make outbound sales really work.  How to really partner with the Big Guys.  How and why leading VC funds really write multi-million checks to SaaS start-ups.


See you there.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 1.40.22 PMThe precised agenda and speakers are still coming together, but the current plan is below (and here).  We’ll be adding even more.

>> And early-early-bird tickets are on sale effective today. $149 for founders, $249 for BigCo executives, VCs, and the like.

After 100 early-bird tickets are gone — that’s it.  Prices go up 2x.  Surge pricing!  🙂

See you there.  It will be epic.


We also have a very small number of sponsorships available.  There will be approximately 8 high-traffic demo stations.  If you’ve got a SaaS app that sells to SaaS … it’s probably a great opp.  Email here for more info.


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 11.45.13 AMScreen Shot 2014-10-19 at 1.00.49 PM


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Published on October 20, 2014


  1. Hi Jason, I am based out of Toronto and very interested in making the trip out to SF for the conference. I am already getting a ton of value from you and Aaron via the web / Predictable Revenue, so no problem if this doesn’t line up.

    Here is my goal, I want to establish the basis of a relationship with people who have lead and executed $0-100m ARR in b2b SaaS, so I can tap into their experience in order to do it myself. Clearly the conference fits that need, I want to connect with you to get alignment on people to seek out. Plan will be to be in town from Wednesday afternoon through Friday.

    Here is my situation, I am not a founder. I am deploying government capital (as private third party) to pre-seed – seed stage software startups. I have deployed ~$1.4m in 48 deals ($30k grants), those projects have contributed to the portfolio raising more than $25m in follow-on capital (6exits, 16+ with professional capital).

    My goal is join a SaaS b2b that is venture backed as the first addition to the growth team past the founder. I want to build the growth to team to go from product-market fit to $100m ARR.

    I won’t rattle off my resume, but it’s not bad. 5 years Siemens, Xerox, Capgemini in BD, ~6 years in startups as founder, BD, and partner. The objection want to overcome is that I have not specifically lead SaaS growth or even been on a true SaaS growth team. I want to become a disciple of you and Aaron’s. I think SaaStr Annual is the place to start.

    I this a correct assumption? Is the trip a good investment for me?

    Really appreciate whatever feedback you have, even if it’s a straight no.

    Thank you,

    Scott Howard 1-416-559-8284

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    1. I think it is a great investment if you want to interact with a ton of amazing SaaS founders and execs (including many sales leaders). As a rule, 30-50% of SaaS CEOs are looking for a VP or Director of sales at any given time — but — it is not designed as a “get a job” type event.

      Based on your background, I’d try to first work for the best SaaS company I could to get trained in SaaS. Then … then … try to go from the ground up and build your own team. But that’s just my suggestion.

  2. Just wanted to say what a GREAT event you staged today. Speakers, venue (though it was waaay loud in the basement), the band, the “late night live” interview formal, food, pacing. Learned a lot. Thanks.

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