RevenueCat is the dominant solution to manage subscriptions in the mobile world.  Over 30% of U.S. mobile apps with a subscription use their API/SDK, and they have a massive data set.

B2C customers are their bigger base, since that’s bigger on mobile than B2B.  But many of the largest SaaS and B2B vendors, from Notion to other leaders, use RevenueCat as well to manage mobile subscriptions.

One key data point I’d missed is … how many paid customers that cancel … come back later?

We all know this happens in SaaS and B2B.  It just takes sooooo long.  The answer:  12%.

So that’s what we should all plan around.  That up to 12% our customers that cancel … will come back later.  If you do the right things.  It may be years later in SaaS.  Now as you can see above, it’s lower in their “annual” bucket, just 6%.  So maybe you’ll see 8%-10% come back later, on average.

But start calmly and kindly marketing to get them back once you lose them.  Most will stay lost, unfortunately.  But 8%-12% is enough to not give up on them.

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