A small FYI to our partners and partners-to-be:  all SaaS media assets are fully sold out for 2022:

  • Podcast: (200k distro) sold out for 2022
  • SaaStr Weekly, Daily, and Insider (125k total) sold out for 2022

For 2023, we have room for 20 sponsors / partners and will limit media sponsors to those also sponsoring SaaStr Annual or Europa (i.e., no one-off media buys), so please let us know soon if that’s of interest.

FWIW to marketers and others, we’ve learned folks are happiest when they do a multi-channel, year-long approach to sponsorships (e.g. sponsor SaaStr Annual, Europa, some podcasts, some newsletters).  One-offs are OK but have the lowest NRR and NPS.

Being multi-product is the key here at scale.  Even for SaaStr itself!

Almost everything SaaStr does in content and community is free — and we plan to do much, much more.  There are just a few small spaces for sponsors, but they’re what make the engine work.  We deeply appreciate you!!

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