Earlier this year, we started to step up our game on LinkedIn.  I’d worked on some content on LinkedIn as it began to scale up its focus on publishing, but at first, it didn’t really work.  The views were tiny and the audience seemed to mostly be my LinkedIn connections.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-1-54-32-pmKeep at it.  It turns out the key, like anything in content, is a steady stream of content and an extended commitment.  And finding the right voice for each medium.  Two to three good posts a week, on a broader topic, seems to work well for us on LinkedIn.  This type of content does OK on the blog and poorly on Quora, by contrast.

Fast forward a few months into this experiment, and we now have 31,056+followers on LinkedIn and are adding 1,300+ a week.

And we’ve named #4 on the list of the Top 10 Must-Know Writers of the Year in Startups/VC.  Hooray!

The meta-learning for me is to add a Layer each year.  Just like in SaaS.  🙂  The reach on LinkedIn is clearly different than Twitter, WordPress, Quora etc.  And if you look to the other 9 top 10 writers, they’re pretty different too.


So keep trying new things.  We still have no readers on Medium, and only 267 followers on Instagram.  But LinkedIn has been awesome.

Thank you to the content team at LinkedIn for recognizing us!

Super appreciated!


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