Next year will be by far our biggest and best ever for IRL SaaStr events.  Early Bird tickets for all of them are on sale now at incredibly cheap prices (50% below cost) so pick up tickets for you and your team now!

We’ll have

On February 22-23, our first SaaStr APAC comes to Singapore!  We’ll have top VCs from Accel, Bessemer, B Capital, and so many other leaders, along with tons of unicorns and more, and great execs to meet with from Xero, ServiceNow, and more.  It’s the first one, so we’re planning for 600-800 folks, and we’ll cap it at around 1,000.  We’re also doing great partnerships with local leaders like Stripe and more.  Grab tickets for as low as $149 (!) now!

On 6-7 June, our fourth SaaStr Europa comes to London for the first time!  At a super cool venue in East London, we’ll have space for 4,000 SaaS founders, VCs, and execs.  Tickets are already off to a 150% pace of last year, so it should be packed and quite an event!  Barcelona in 2022 was really special and amazing, and the biggest and best Europa ever.  But London clearly will be even larger and more dynamic, as the hub of SaaS and Cloud in Europe.  With hundreds and hundreds of braindates and workshops, our VC-founder matching program, and 2 packed days of incredible content and networking.

On September 6-8, it’s time for SaaStr Annual 2023!  Our 9th Annual will be even better than 2022, which had our highest NPS of all time.  We’ve really perfected the hybrid outdoor / festival vibe, with 10 stages running at the same time, and over 100 Braindates and mentorship sessions an hour.  It’s just so fun now that we have a hybrid outdoor format stretched across 40+ acres.  We’re tracking for about 12,500 attendees this year.  Whatever it ends up being, it will be even bigger and better than 2022!

Come to one, heck come to all of ‘em if you want.  Most importantly, if you can, bring your team or even do your entire quarterly retreat around a SaaStr event.  Everyone will learn to share and scale from the best — together.

Also, sponsoring multiple events is a great way to scale pipeline, enhance your brand, and meet with your customers and fans all across the year.  Many of our leading sponsors sponsor Europa + Annual together, and are now adding APAC this year!  Just contact us here!

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