2016 is finally coming to an end, and what a year it was. We’re taking a look back at the top six SaaStr posts from 2016. What were the biggest lessons learned? Best SaaS tips and advice? Find out below.

6. I Was Wrong. NPS is A Great Core Metric.

Track NPS as a core, monthly metric.  Share it with everyone.  And importantly — use it for a cross-functional discussion across Sales, Support, Customer Success, Marketing, Engineering, and Product.  It’s the one metric all of them directly impact, and all of them are equally responsible for.”

5. The Difference Between Very, Very Good Founders. And Truly Great Founders.

These are the founders I try to invest in. The ones that can see the future. For real. Much better than I ever could.”

4. At $50k in MRR, Running Out of Money Is No Longer an Excuse

“At $50k MRR, you will either be Hot or Not.  It’s OK if you aren’t Hot today.  Get to $1.5m or $2m in ARR, growing 8-10% a month, in a good space, and you will be then… You just haven’t really proven it yet, in the right way, mitigating the right risks.  But you may well do that by $1m+ in ARR.”

3. All Pricing is Relative. How To Make That Work in Your Favor.

So … why does Salesforce cost up to $250 a seat, while Evernote is $2?  It’s not just solution vs. tool, although that’s part of it.  It’s not just relative value provided, although that’s clearly the case.”

2. SaaS Financial Plan 2.0 (from Christoph Janz)

“If you don’t have a strong core financial model and plan — use Christoph Janz’s model.  Christoph is my [Jason’s] co-investor in Great SaaS companies, co-founder of Point Nine Capital, and just as passionate about the operating side of SaaS as any of us.”

1. Every Investor is Different. But. 22 Reasons I Won’t Fund You

We try to keep things positive at SaaStr, and “22 Reasons I Would Fund You” would be a more positive title.  But it wouldn’t be as helpful. So instead, let me assemble a checklist of 22 reasons I almost immediately pass on investing in start-ups that are interesting.”


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