Ask anyone who attended the SaaStr Annual last year and they’ll tell you how truly electric the energy was, how they left with a notebook full of learnings, fired up and filled with inspiration.  But that sounds like hyperbole.  I mean, it’s still a conference, right? Talking about the utterly scintillating topic of SaaS?  And yet, there was something almost magical about what happened on that February day in San Francisco.  And trust me, we were as surprised as anyone by the energy and enthusiasm.  It was… epic.

But don’t take my word for it, check out what your peers had to say below. And though there are many great reasons to attend the SaaStr Annual 2016 – the amazing networking, incredible no-fluff content, bars opening at at noon – these are the top 5 takeaways from last year’s attendees:

#1 – Get the playbook

We’re all trying to achieve The Impossible, to grow our businesses to $100M ARR, become a [insert overused u-word here], and reach The Inevitable. So if we all get to our first 50 customers in a different way, but after that it’s basically all the same… then, you really need to be there when the best in the business are sharing their playbook.



#2 – Share that knowing nod

As founders, we’re all pushing a different boulder up the same hill. As individuals, though, we’re hyper-focused on hiring, scaling and fundraising our own boulder to the top.  And often times that’s isolating. Then rarely, wonderfully, there are moments when you connect with someone who knows exactly what you’re going through, who gets it, and you feel a little less alone-on-an-island.




#3 – Leverage the community

At SaaStr, we’re constantly amazed by the community that’s organically come together over the past few years.  And once a year that community converges in one location for three amazing days filled with customers, prospects, partners, and investors in a veritable smorgasbord of opportunities to connect.  We’ve heard countless stories of deals and investments that began at last year’s conference. Enough to fill many more posts, actually, so stay tuned.




#4 – Be inspired

Let’s face it, it’s a grind. Days range from unglamorous to on-the-verge-of-death, with the random moments of sheer elation that keep you going. But there’s something truly electric when we all come together.  It’s more than the camaraderie or learning from each other’s mistakes, it’s the inspiration that arises when we collectively step back and think about our businesses, exchange ideas with the tremendously talented people around us, and recognize our impact on the world.



#5 – Build a better business

You know that long-term-vision-thing you have but don’t really step back from and re-evaluate as often as you wish you did? Well this is your opportunity step out of the weeds and really think about the mechanics and direction of your business. In fact, bring your team and make a week of it. Use it as the most productive off-site you’ll ever have.  There’s no better investment you will make this year.




So do everyone a favor – yourself, your business, your investors and employees who are counting on you. Join us in February 2016.  Learn from the best in the business.  Connect with other founders and execs trying to achieve The Impossible. Have a beer with a potential investor. Meet with your customers and prospects. Feed your poor, tired soul.  Find inspiration.  Just. Be. There.

And do it now before ticket prices go up on July 1st.  Use code JUN20 for an extra 20% off Early Bird tickets.

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