Ok, we are SUPER excited about this one.  We’ve lined up 50 of the best VCs in SaaS for a full day of 1:1 meetings with 150 lucky startups attending the SaaStr Annual.  Each investor has committed to taking three 30 minute meetings on-site on Wednesday, February 10th.  We’re pretty sure it’s unprecedented.



This is an experiment.  Logistically it’s a nightmare. It requires everyone to show up on time. We won’t be able to match by stage or vertical. We won’t be able accommodate everyone who wants to do it or work around anyone’s schedule. And it may end up being a total disaster. All we can promise is that we’ll do our best to make it amazing.


How freakin’ cool is it to get no-consequences feedback from the top firms and investors in SaaS?  With a VC you may never otherwise get a meeting with?  To get the inside scoop on what they really think of your pitch?  Pretty damn cool.

All applications will be cross-referenced with registered attendees.  So if you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, you’ll need to do that first.

Here’s roughly how it’ll work…

We’ll first screen for minimum revenue and growth, then we’ll try to assign on a first come, first served basis.  If selected, you’ll be randomly assigned a time to meet with one of these investors. It’s highly unlikely we’ll be able to tell you who you’ll be meeting with in advance of your arrival. The investors meetings are on a tight schedule, so we’re not able to accommodate any delays. If you’re late, your spot will be given to someone on the waitlist. So basically – no special requests, no excuses, no wiggle room. We know it’s not ideal, but this is the only way it will work (and, of course, you’re under no obligation to apply at all. But you will, and it will be awesome.)

Excited and ready to do it?  APPLY HERE.

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