With three live events, two digital events, and our two special series, Workshop Wednesdays and CRO Confidential, we have 200+ videos just from 2022 for you! Our top videos alone cover a wide range of topics important to SaaS Founders and CEOs: scaling, fundraising, building and retaining a high-performing team, PLG, and more. Today, we’re giving you #12-#1 of our top videos of 2022! If you missed #25-#13, you can catch up here.


#12. Reaccelerating Growth at Scale with Box’s CRO Mark Wayland and SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin

#11. The 6 Secrets to Building a PLG Business with Notion Capital Partner Itxaso Del Palacio

#10. Everything that Breaks on the Way to $1B ARR with @Mailchimp Co-Founder Ben Chestnut

#9. How to Build a Super High-Retention Sales Team | Twilio SVP & GM Alice Katwan

#8. Conan Economics, or How to Crush Your Enemies | Expensify CEO David Barrett

#7. What’s Changed in Product-led Growth with Calendly CMO Patrick Moran

#6. The Future of AI, Open Source, and Enterprise SaaS with Databricks CEO Ali Ghodsi

#5. The Secrets to Scaling Zapier to 500 Employees from Employees Themselves with Zapier CEO Wade Foster

#4. How to Scale Outbound Sales with the CROs of Outreach, Malwarebytes, HubSpot, Seismic

#3. Top 5 Ways to Scale a Sales Team with Zoom CRO Ryan Azus and SaaStr VP of Sales Bryan Elsesser

#2. How To Innovate Faster with Community: Insights From GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij

#1. Atlassian’s 5 Rules to Win When Competition is Everywhere | Atlassian COO Anu Bharadwaj

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