So I was going back to Salesforce’s Investor Relations pages to research a 5 Interesting Learnings post and I noticed something I’d seen the last time I went there:

The homepage for Salesforce’s investor relations still highlights a 2022 (!) investor presentation.  When Salesforce is already in its fiscal 2025.

Now, if you scroll down, you’ll see the 2025 investor materials are all there.

But way is the 2022 presentation highlighted at the top?  There may be a reason eluding me.

But I’m 90% sure it just hasn’t been touched.  No one has seen it, or whomever has … didn’t care.  It wasn’t their job, or responsibility.  Or whatever.  Or a bug was logged, but no one fixed it.

I look for this stuff.  There are stale pages all over itself — we have 1000s of pages of content.  I update a few almost every day, but some stuff is hard to fix and update.  I know some parts that are years old, and shouldn’t be.

Anyhow the reminder is if Salesforce highlights as 3+ year old investor presentation on its core investor homepage, that’s an issue.

Don’t let this happen on your Contact Me page.  On your Testimonials page.  Really anywhere.

It’s an excuse to click away.  It says “the vendor doesn’t really care”.  It’s like a dirty awning at a restaurant.  It just says they don’t really care about the whole experience.

At least, try to check our entire marketing site once a quarter.  I bet you find 10-20 key items, or even entire pages, that are just out of date.

And remember: your marketing site really should be even better than your product.  Because it’s easier to fix.

More on that here:

Your Marketing Site Really Should Be Even Better Than Your Product

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