So that’s it for content!  We’re done, we’re locked and loaded, with 292 total speakers for 2022 SaaStr Annual — our biggest Annual ever!

And we also have almost 1,000 Braindates scheduled as well — smaller 1:1, 1:4, 1:8, and 1:20 sessions where you really can ask questions and do deep dives.

The final speakers and sessions are:

  • David Singleton, CTO of Stripe.  Wow!
  • Brian Halligan, Chairman and co-founder of HubSpot joining Dharmesh Shah and Jason.
  • Rukmini Reddy, SVP of Engineering, Platform @ Slack, together with Shadi Rostami, Executive VP of Engineering @ Amplitude
  • Manav Khurana, Chief Growth Officer @ New Relic sharing how to really scale
  • And a great “Revenue Confidential” session where you can ask the tough questions no one ever gets to ask CROs and VPs of Sales, with Sam Blond, former CRO of Brex, Ashley Kelly, VP of Sales Development at Rippling, and Ben Braverman, former CRO of Flexport.  Ask away!!

Ok, that’s really it!  And we’re proud for the 6th year in a row, the majority of our speakers are women!

See everyone Sep 13-15 in SF Bay Area!

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