With 500+ episodes and almost 5 years behind us, we thought this would be a fun time to share the Top 25 episodes of all time. A lot has changed since Harry Stebbings launched podcast #001 2016 with Tiago Paiva, CEO of now decacorn Talkdesk, but SaaStr is still on the same mission.

We’re bringing you the best advice from industry leaders, and we don’t plan on stopping.

If you missed #25-#13, you can catch up here!

#12 SaaStr 196: Stripe COO Claire Hughes Johnson on How The Best Leaders Inspire with Confidence and Stability, The Key To Successful Decision-Making & How To Hire Quality Teams At Scale

#11 SaaStr 309: David Skok on The 9 Stage Model To Get A B2B Company To Get Repeatable, Scalable & Profitable Growth

#10 SaaStr 211: The Ultimate Guide To SaaS Pricing From Investors @ Benchmark, Matrix, Upfront Ventures & Operators @ Figma, Snyk, and Kustomer

#9 SaaStr 150: Why New Qualified Leads Divided By Win Rate Is The Metric in SaaS, Why It Is Harder To Go Enterprise Down Than SMB Up & How To Create Engines of Growth Within Your Organization with Paul Albright, Former CRO @ Marketo

B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #150: Paul Albright

#8 SaaStr 142: Why CAC/LTV Is The Most Important Metric In SaaS, How To Analyze Churn Correctly & Why Bookings Are Inaccurate and Easy To Manipulate with Dave Kellogg, CEO @ Host Analytics

B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #142: Dave Kellogg

#7 SaaStr 124: Upfront’s Mark Suster on The One Thing That Kills Sales, Why You Have To Price High and Discount & Why Sales People Are Either Farmers or Hunters

B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #124: Mark Suster

#6 SaaStr 171: How To Figure Out Your Pricing Strategy: The Diminishing Role of The Per Seat Model, Why Open Source Is The Only Way To Get In Front of Today’s Developers & Why Capital Efficiency Is Always Key with Chetan Puttagunta, General Partner @ NEA

B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #171: Chetan Puttagunta

#5 SaaStr 184: Step by Step Guide To Scaling Your Sales Team, Why Founders Need To Spend More Time On Top of Funnel & Why Discounting Is A Great Tool with Sam Blond, Chief Sales Officer @ Brex

#4 SaaStr 094: The $100m Question All SaaS Founders Must Ask, Learnings From Working with Marc Benioff at Salesforce & Scaling Zuora To A $Bn Valuation with Tien Tzuo, Founder & CEO @ Zuora

B2B SaaS Blog - SaaStr Podcast #094: Tien Tzuo

#3 SaaStr 194: ARR Is A Lagging Not A Leading Indicator, The Metrics You Need to Focus On, The Secret To Success In Selling To Developers, Why You Should Delay The Buildout of Customer Success Teams & How Small Numbers In SaaS Can Deceive You with Steve Newman, Founder & CEO @ Scalyr

#2 SaaStr 180: David Skok on Why You Should Not Focus On CAC/LTV In The Early Days, What Is The Right Way To Analyze Sales Rep Productivity & The Leading Indicators Early Stage VCs Use to Assess Product Market Fit

#1 SaaStr 221: HBS Sr. Lecturer and Former Hubspot CRO Mark Roberge on His Step by Step Guide to Revenue Growth

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