Each week, we round up our most popular content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. Check out this week’s top blog posts, podcasts, and videos:

Top Blog Posts This Week:

  1. The Simple Reason Startups That Just Raised $100s of Millions Are Doing Layoffs.  How can startups that just raised huge rounds turn around and do layoffs just months later?  At first it doesn’t seem to make any sense.  But it’s all about the next round.
  2. Figma: “We’d Been Talking to Adobe Since 2012”.  Most acquisitions don’t happen overnight.  They come out of multi-year relationships.  In fact, Adobe and Figma had been talking for a decade before their $20 Billion mega-acquisition.
  3. Half of Public SaaS Companies Trade At Under 6x ARR TodayBy all means, be bullish on your valuation in that next fundraising.  But at least be aware.  Be aware most SaaS leaders now trade at a very, very low 5x ARR or so.  It’s not an all-time low, but it’s very close.
  4. SaaS Multiples Are Down 75% From a Year Ago.  Another way to look at the prior point.  Growth VC has slowed to a standstill.  Why?  Public Cloud companies are worth just 25% of what they were at the peak of 2021.  Even as they grow at still incredible rates.
  5. 5 Interesting Learnings from Duolingo at $360,000,000 in ARR. One public SaaS-ish company who has continued to do well, and has seen its stock price hold up relatively well, in this environment.

Top Podcasts This Week:

1. SaaStr 604: SaaStr CRO Confidential Presents How to Fundraise in Late 2022 with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin. Hosted by Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund

2. SaaStr 605: Increasing Runway Without Sacrificing Growth with Norwest Venture Partners’ Sean Jacobsohn & Scott Beechuk and Andreessen Horowitz GP Kristina Shen

3. SaaStr 603: SaaStr CRO Confidential Presents the Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation, Quotas and Recruiting with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin. Hosted by Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund

4. SaaStr 602: Secrets To Combining PLG and Enterprise Sales with Grammarly CEO Brad Hoover

5. SaaStr 601: What It Takes to Forge Your Own Category with Braze Co-Founder and CEO Bill Magnuson

Top Videos This Week:

1. SaaStr CRO Confidential: How to Raise in Late 2022 with Jason Lemkin and Sam Blond of Founders Fund

2. Live: SaaStr Workshop Wednesday with Snowflake Global Director, Marketing Intelligence, Guan Wang, on Building a High Performing Team

3. How to Build a Super High-Retention Sales Team | Twilio SVP & GM Alice Katwan

4. State of the Cloud 2022: The Centaur Report with Bessemer Venture Partners: Sameer Dholakia, Mary D’Onofrio, and Elliott Robinson

5. CRO Confidential: Sales Comp, Quotas & Recruiting with Jason Lemkin and Sam Blond of Founders Fund

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