By: Christiane Soto, SMB Marketing, Oracle

As you look to grow your SaaS business, do certain business issues keep you up at night? Can you identify the biggest threat you face on your path to exponential growth? If not, you are not alone.

Oracle partnered with Inc. magazine to get answers to these very same questions. In our survey―What’s Keeping America’s SMB Leaders Up at Night―we talked to leaders at many Inc. 5000 companies and found out what key business concerns are causing them to lose ZZZs.

We came away with a lot of actionable information…information that we used to add more value to our small business cloud offerings.

But what about your specific business? Well, we can help there as well. Take our quick, two minute assessment and see how you compare with the Inc. 5000, some of the fastest growing companies in North America today. With the Inc. 5000, you know they are doing something right; they are the fastest-growing private companies in America. They innovate, they provide value, they disrupt markets, and they create jobs.

To get your SaaS business on the Inc. 5000, you need to pinpoint key issues that could be hampering your business’s growth and see if you are on the right path to grow in a cost-effective way.    

Two minutes to find out “What Keeps You Up at Night”

This interactive tool will walk you through 4 areas―talent, customers, finance, and technology― asking you the same questions that leaders of key Inc. 5000 companies answered. At completion, you will see your results, and see how you compare to these successful, fast-growing firms. So in two minutes, you will know your issues (or if you are on the right track). You will also have the chance to download some resources to guide you.


So what are you waiting for?  Take a break and log into our assessment tool. Find out what’s keeping you up at night, and what steps you can take to Get Going, Get Better, Get Ahead.

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