SaaStr Build 2022 our first digital mega event of the year, is just a few days away!

Focusing on how to build better, strong faster products to $100M and beyond, SaaStr Build is a live, global digital event on Wednesday, March 16th.

It’s completely free to sign up and tune into this incredible lineup of content, including the CPO of Samsara, CPO of Notion, CMOs of Digital Ocean and Automattic, and much more!

With the event coming up, we thought we’d highlight a few sessions that are worth tuning in to.

5 Rules to Win When Competition is Everywhere 💯

Atlassian’s 5 Rules to Win When Competition is Everywhere with Atlassian’s COO Anu Bharadwaj, and Lloyed Lobo, Cofounder at Boast.AI

Is it starting to feel like competition is everywhere? Do you keep hearing that the market is getting too saturated?

The most successful companies of the last decade from Amazon to Netflix, Microsoft, and Atlassian continue to win despite the competition because have embraced transformational changes. In this session, Atlassian’s Chief Operating Officer, Anu Bharadwaj, joins us to share the company’s playbook.

Specifically, Anu will discuss:

  • Enacting Transformational Change by Building a Movement
  • Investing in a Product-Led Model to Drive Exponential Sustainable Growth
  • Harnessing a Unique Culture by Leading with Empathy and Courage
  • Building a Community
  • Scaling a Platform and Ecosystem

The Secrets to Going Big, Going Multi-Product and Going Public with Amplitude’s CEO 📈

The Secrets to Going Big, Going Multi-Product and Going Public with Amplitude’s CEO Spencer Skates

From seed funding to going public, Spenser Skates, CEO and co-founder of Amplitude, will discuss his journey building Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System from the ground up and empowering organizations of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 100 companies — to build better products. Spenser will share lessons learned from scaling Amplitude and expanding its product suite, his experience becoming only the tenth company to go public via direct listing, and his belief that the organizations that will win in the digital-first era are those that are product-led.

Building a Values Playbook that Led to a $1.3B Exit with’s Co-Founder 🏦

Building a Values Playbook that Led to a $1.3B Exit with’s Co-Founder, Emery Wells, Co-Founder & CEO @ & VP, Digital Products, Adobe company

In this live session, Co-Founder & CEO and Adobe VP of Digital Products Emery Wells will discuss how to set intentional and results-oriented company values.

Marketing to Developers 🐳

Marketing to Developers: Why Happy is Our Hack with DigitalOcean’s CMO Carly Brantz and SaaStr SVP & GM Amelia Ibarra

We just did a deep dive on how DigitalOcean is growing an impressive 37% at $500,000,000 in ARR, and staying very SMB with 600,000+ customers.

I’ll chat with their CMO, Carly Brantz who previously scaled marketing at SendGrid to grow company revenue from $5M to $200M. Now as DigitalOcean’s CMO, we’ll dive into lessons learned as a marketing leader – how simplicity, community, credibility, and happiness – provide a powerful platform for growth, and how to scale your marketing when buyer resistance and turnover is at an all-time high.

Building a Marketer’s Playbook 📖

Building a Marketer’s Playbook: How Marketing is Changing & 3 Tips To Be Ahead of the Curve with WordPress CMO Monica Ohara

The world of marketing is changing rapidly and marketers need to evolve their approach. Set your team up for success with these three tips for marketing future-readiness from Monica Ohara, the CMO of

View the full lineup for SaaStr Build here, and sign up for free. 

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