Q: What services does venture capital provide beyond funding?

Often, not that much.

But the top VCs at least:

  • Find you at least 1 great VP. This is pretty valuable, although you don’t need a VC to do this.
  • Find your VCs for the next round. This is pretty valuable too, especially in the early days. Later, you may not need much help.
  • Bridge you if you are doing OK but need a little more money. Most funds can give you a little more money if you do OK but need a little bit more. This can be insanely valuable.
  • PR and promotion. Valuable if the firm has a top brand. Although again, you don’t need VC to get this.
  • Mentorship and partnership. You’re together for a decade. This is often not nearly as valuable as many VCs claim. But if you really get a great partner, it can really help you scale. Avoid mistakes. And have a partner for years and years.

You’re in it together.



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