This isn’t such a great job:

  • EIRs are often not paid, or only partly paid.
  • EIRs are often subtly pushed out if they don’t generate an investment opportunity in 6–9 months.
  • EIRs aren’t included in a lot of stuff that happens at a venture firm.
  • Venture firms are kind of boring. They are small and people are out of the office a lot. Sometimes, folks are only really in the office on Mondays.
  • Did I say sometimes this role isn’t even paid?

But, if you are a founder and truly between roles and want a place to “hang out” and think about the next thing, an EIR role can be a good way to do that.

Usually, though the way you get their jobs — if you can call them that — is to know a partner well, from the portfolio in particular.

She’ll ask you, usually.

There won’t be a job posting.

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