Q: What do you discuss in your daily scrum?

We’ve done a non-engineering scrum since Covid, and taken the basic idea of a stand-up to work across all functional areas in our small team at SaaStr.

Our modified structure is:

  • 7:30–8:00am. M-Fri. Check in on Slack. Everyone shares Top 3 bullet points of what they are working on for the rest of the day.
  • 1:30–2:00pm. Tu-Fri. Live meeting on Zoom. Bring up blockers, ideas, where help is needed. No repeats of Top 3 points from Slack check-in (i.e., assume everyone has read the points in Slack).
  • Monday only 12:00–1:00pm. Deep dive on everyone’s dashboard. Run on Notion, shared in Zoom. Every single employee and team member now has a dashboard in Notion, shared with everyone else. Monday is a progress review of each dashboard, with a chance to highlight issues and challenges.

This has worked pretty well for us. The big difference from a traditional engineering scrum is we aren’t breaking up work necessarily into daily chunks.

A side benefit is it clearly highlights who the low performers are, when they have nothing to say, and have no progress in their dashboards and check-in points.

They tend to either step up, or move on.

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