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Ok we’re getting to crunch time here.  It’s just a little more than 30 days until the ’16 SaaStr Annual.

The first SaaStr Annual last February was an amazing experiment where over 1,900 SaaS founders, execs, and VPs came together for one epic day and party.

This February, we’re dialing it up to 11 and it’s going to be another experiment, but an even crazier one.

Here’s what to expect.  Hopefully it will be like nothing you’ve quite experienced before.

  • The Best, Most Inspirational CEOs & Founders.  We’ll have one-on-ones with the best SaaS CEOs, Presidents, and Founders from Atlassian, Marketo, New Relic, Box, Zenefits, Hubspot, Intercom, ExactTarget, Optimizely, Talkdesk, Rocketlawyer and more of the most successful SaaS companies.  How they really did it.  What they’d do even better next time.  What the real stories are behind their successes — not just the blogosphere anecdotes.
  • The Fun-nerest Speakers in the Industry.  We’ll have the folks you follow on Twitter and in the blogosphere and want to meet and learn from, from Mark Suster to Danielle Morrill to Keith Rabois to Tomasz Tunguz, and even Startup L. Jackson live tweeting.
  • The VPs and SVPs To Really Learn From.  We’ll have another 30+ sessions from the best VPs of Sales, Customer Success, Product, and Marketing from the best SaaS companies teaching you really how to do, from Zuora to Salesforce to Zoom to Slack to DropBox and more.  The ones that have really done it.  And also telling you behind-the-scenes what they think about, worry about … and how to hire a great one.

  • A full day of AMAs with Great VPs of Sales.  We’ll have an entire half-day of open AMAs with the best VPs of Sales, organized by topic, where you can ask them anything on outbound, inbound, SDRs, scaling, upsells, renewals.
  • Meet with the best SaaS VCs.  We’ll have all the great SaaS VCs there (OK, at least, the majority), and for as many of the founders as we can, we’ll have 1-on-1 meetings we can set up for you in a special Meet the VCs VIP room.
  • Two epic stages — one on Strategy, and a new one on Tactics.  There’s so much to do and learn from, we’ve added a second founders’ stage, where we’ll have another 30+ amazing SaaS founders and execs teaching us how to scale on dozens of on-point topics.
  • Amazing Parties and Dinners.  We’ll be creating tons of opportunities to interact with your peers and colleagues.  On Tuesday February 9th, after the day we’ll break into groups of 100-150 for hosted drinks and food on different scaling themes.  And on Wednesday February 10th, we’ll have a 2000+ person party hosted by Salesforce-for-Start-ups and Salesforce Ventures.
  • The Bars Will Open at Noon.  And We’ll Serve Beer “in the Stands” on Thursday.  It will be fun.

We’re fire-marshall limited to about 5,000 folks.  Right now, we have 376 hundred tickets left.  Once they’re gone, we’ll move to waitlist only in mid-January.


And get a founder ticket now HERE BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE!

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