Tomorrow at 10 AM SaaStr Workshop Wednesdays begin!

Up Next: Wednesday, November 2nd @ 10AM

Topic: The Playbook to Building a High-Performing Team and Retaining Top Talent with Snowflake

Speaker: Guan Wang, Global Director of Marketing Intelligence at Snowflake

Workshop Wednesdays is new series where we’ll be bringing some of the best SaaStr speakers to you LIVE, every Wednesday. 

Each workshop will be hosted in a live, interactive 30-minute format at 10am Pacific each and every Wednesday. This workshop will be 100% LIVE, not pre-recorded, and will be hosted in an, interactive 30-minute format, including Q&A.

With the launch of SaaStr Workshop Wednesdays, we’re committed to bringing the best SaaStr speakers to a live, completely interactive format, every Wednesday. 

The best SaaStr speakers will be live, every Wednesday, in a 30-minute interactive Workshop. Our workshops are a bit different from the speakers and content on our main stages. Workshops topics are more specific, more actionable, and always have Q&A. We want to be able to connect some of the brightest minds and leaders in SaaS with our global SaaStr community in a regular, more interactive way. And we also wanted a new way to bring more visibility and interaction with our trusted speakers, and rising stars (speakers you may not have heard of (yet)) in a regular way. So,

SaaStr Workshop Wednesdays will do just that. We’ll bring you new content, every week on Wednesdays at 10 am Pacific. They’ll always be live, never pre-recorded. We’ll host them on Zoom as breakouts and meetings to make sure you can get your burning questions answered by our speakers.

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Upcoming Schedule of Workshops 

  • TOMORROW, November 2nd at 10 am: The Playbook to Building a High Performing Team and Retaining Top Talent with Snowflake. Speaker: Guan Wang, Global Director of Marketing Intelligence @ Snowflake.
  • Live, November 9th at 10 am: The Fall of the “Metric Monolith”: Are Traditional SaaS Metrics Outdated with Battery Ventures. Speaker: Brandon Gleklen, VP @ Battery Ventures
  • Live, November 16th at 10 am: The Importance of OS Communities: Product Incubators and Your Best Marketing Asset with Gitlab. Speaker:
    Ashley Kramer, CMO & CSO @ Gitlab
  • Live, November 30th at 10 am:  Building for Builders: Creating Enterprise Platforms with Airtable. Speaker: Helen Zeng, Product Manager @ Airtable
  • Live December 14th at 10 am: Building a Sales Engine: Navigating the Transition from Founder-Led Sales with Unit21. Speaker: Trisha Kothari, CEO and Co-Founder @ Unit21


Sign up here, it’s completely free.


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