2024 will be here before you know it — and it’s time to plan your team offsites.  We’ve got 2 great ideas:

  1. Bring your team to London on 4-5 June for SaaStr Europa 2024.
  2. Bring your team to the SF Bay Area on September 10-12 for SaaStr Annual 2024.

You’ve got to do your quarterly team retreats now, and doing at least one of them in 2024 centered around the largest gatherings in the world in SaaS is a big built-in win.  The team loves coming to Annual and Europa.  It’s fun.  It inspires them.  And it’s one of the few chances they’ll get to come to 1,000s of workshops and meet their peers IRL.

  • Divide and conquer. You cannot attend all the sessions yourself, not even close. We’ve got 8 stages of content and 268 live(!) speakers. You’re gonna need some backup to get it all. 
  • Everyone comes back inspired. Do you want to return to the office filled with ideas to vicariously convey enthusiasm, or do you want to return en masse and get the whole company fired up and ready to crush Q4 and beyond?
  • 4X (or 14X) your networking capacity. They’ll be 12,000 attendees, you can’t meet with everyone.
  • Visit investors and customers.  Before or after, but honestly, most of them will be at the event – no Uber required!
  • Spend time in the Bay Area or London — as a team. At the end of the week, go wine tasting in Napa, hike among the redwoods, or enjoy a leisurely lunch overlooking the Pacific. 

So start planning now.  We have super cheap team packs now at low as $499 each.

And if you want to bring 20-200 or more, just let us know.  We have even cheaper Team Retreat Packs for 20+ attendees.

Your Sales leaders get the playbook from Lattice, Calendly, Snowflake, Confluent, Brex and So. Many. (Many). More…

Michelle Adams,
CRO @ Algolia

Sterling Snow,
CRO @ Divvy

Dini Mehta,
CRO @ Lattice

Lars Nilsson,
VPS  @ Snowflake

With sessions like…

  • Optimizing GTM for PLG 
  • Scaling Revenue in 2024: What’s the Same and What’s Different? 
  • How to Manage 100+ SDRs Across 4 Continents in 6 Countries and 10 Cities
  • The Playbook to Building Your SDR Growth Engine
  • How to Scale a Platform and Ecosystem to $10B 
  • Five Lessons for Breaking Through and Landing Your Spot in the Enterprise
  • A New Era of B2B Sales: Three Strategies Growth Leaders Must Implement Today
    Mastering the Mid-market: Lessons on Building and Selling into Scaling Enterprises
  • Learnings from 1,000+ Comp Plans: What to Avoid When Scaling from First Sales Hire to IPO

Your Marketing leaders get the playbook from Sprig, SalesLoft, TalkDesk, Lever, G2 and many, many MORE!

Kathie Johnson,
CMO @ Talkdesk

Keshila Shannon,
SVP Marketing @ Lever

Sanjay Manchanda,
CMO @ Chargebee

Lauren Vaccarrello,
CMO @ SalesLoft

With sessions like…

  • How Top CMOs Drive Growth in the Age of the Self-Serve Buyer
  • Place Your Bets : Demand Gen Tactics that Pay Off Big 
  • Building a Scalable GTM Motion on a Shoestring Budget
  • 5 Customer Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Grow Your Business
  • The Playbook to Multi-channel Marketing and The Art of the Product Launch
  • Product Marketing Playbook: How to Stand Out from a Sea of Competitors
  • How Not to Go Cheap: The Data Behind Staying Away from Freemium and Focusing on Premium 

Your Product leaders get the playbook from Digital Ocean, Carta, Procore and more!

Heidi Johnson,
CPO @ Carta

Ezinne Udezue,
VP Product @Procore

Gabe Monroy,
CPO @ Digital Ocean

Rachel Obstler,
EVP Product @ Heap

With sessions like…

  • The Playbook of Product Pivot 
  • The 5 Keys to Building Successful Products 
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Empowering Your Product Team 
  • How to Build a Network Effect Business and What this Means for Your Product Strategy
  • The Mission-Driven Playbook for Scaling Your Product Sustainably
  • How Tiny Product-Obsessed Teams Can Outwit & Outcompete Larger Incumbents
  • How to Launch a Secondary Product Without Compromising
  • How to Make Product Plans in an Ever-Changing World
  • 10x Your Best PMs – How to Find Your Weakest and Train Them Like Your Strongest

Your Success leaders get the playbook from OneTrust, Active Campaign, ChurnZero and MORE!

Emily McEvilly,
CCO @ OneTrust

Karen Tang,
VPCS @ Active Campaign

Alli Tiscornia,
CCO @ ChurnZero

Toni Tiffany,
VPCS @ Orum

With sessions like…

  • Revenue Alignment: How to Pull Marketing, Sales, Customer Success Together 
  • Defining the Relationship: 3 Ways to Take a Customer-First Focus 
  • Beyond Product Roadmaps: Empowering Your Customers’ Transformations 
  • The Earlier the Better: How Customer Success Compounds Your Growth 
  • How to Get Under Their Skin: Reengaging and Retaining Customers 
  • How to Take Your Strategic Customer Relationships to the Next Level
  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid to Prevent Churn

Are you still scrolling? C’mon, you know it’s a no-lose decision. Grab your team pack and plan your 2024 team retreat around Annual or Europa



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