Many of the top SaaStr videos of the week are the same as last week, e.g. Mark Suster, Jeff Lawson, Stewart Butterfield, so I thought I’d highlight the 10 most-watched videos of the week … that weren’t also in the Top 10 last week 🙂  So you can catch up a bit when you’ve had enough of Netflix.

#1: Sales Mistakes that Can Kill Your SaaS Business & How to Avoid Them (a SaaStr Classic)

#2: The Definitive Founders Playbook for Building a Dream Marketing Team with DropBox and Malware Bytes

#3: The New Normal, with Garry Tan of Initialized Capital.  A top session from the recent SaaStr Summit: Bridging the Gap

#4: Tales of a Modern CEO with Atlassian & Trello.  One of my favorite Annual sessions, with the CEOs of both Atlassian and Trello.  It was a bit like watching a staff meeting live.

#5: Anand Sanwal, CB Insights: Don’t Do These 68 Things in Your SaaS Company.  One of our highest-rated sessions, Anand always brings a refreshing perspective to scaling a start-up.

#6: Growing & Scaling SaaS Businesses from $1M to $500M in ARR with Intercom’s COO, Karen Peacock.  Another top-rated session.

#7:  The Things Nobody Tells You About An $8B Acquisition with Ryan Smith from Qualtrics.  A fun, founder-to-founder session Ryan and I did right after their $8b acquisition by SAP.

#8:  Riding The Rocket Ship: Top Lessons for Driving Rapid Growth, with Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader and Adaptive Insights CEO Tom Bogan.  This was a quiet but great session that flew a bit under the radar, one Unicorn CEO quietly sharing learnings with another.

#9: SaaS Metrics Masterclass: Pricing Strategies and Billing Models with Stripe.  One of the most popular SaaStr Europa sessions.

#10:  Starting Up in a Downturn: Lessons Learned with Michelle Zatlyn, COO Cloudflare.  Michelle has done a lot with SaaStr but this might have been one of my favorites, sharing the stories of getting something off the ground in the last downturn.  And on how to build a great culture.


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