3 Ways to Come to 2020 SaaStr Annual — For Free!

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We’re less than 90 days out to 2020 SaaStrAnnual.com! We’ll bring together 15,000+ total Cloud executives, including 3,000+ CEOs and 1,000+ VCs together March 10-11-12 in Silicon Valley.

We work hard to make tickets as inexpensive as possible for an event of this scale and type. Super-early bird tickets (too late) are as low as $399 — well below our cost of $700+. And even now you can use this special code to come for $400 off. It’s not cheap. But it’s cheaper than anything similar in the SF Bay Area.

Realistically, any CEO or VP at a post-revenue start-up can afford to come to Annual.

But many others cannot. They don’t have a corporate credit card. They don’t have any budget at all. And we want all of the best in Cloud and SaaS to be at Annual.

So if you don’t have budget, here are 3 ways to come at no cost:

1) Rising Stars Scholarship (below Director level) → bit.ly/37lPdrI

If you are a “tweener” in SaaS, we want you there. If you have 2+ years of experience in sales, marketing, product, ops or engineering AND aren’t yet at Director+ level, we want you. We’ll have 3,000+ mentors at 2020 Annual. So 500 (previously 250) of the top Rising Stars come to Annual — on us. Apply here.

2) Equality, Inclusion & Balance Program → bit.ly/32uxKK3

Equality and Inclusion are key values for SaaStr. For the past 3+ years, we’ve had > 50% women speakers and 60%+ underpresented speakers. Our goal is to do the same for attendees. So this year, we’ve set aside 1,250 no cost passes as part of our EIB program.

Apply here

3) Volunteer → bit.ly/36wyYHd

Finally, if you don’t qualify for either, give us a day volunteering — and we’ll comp you for the rest of the event. Volunteering, while work, is also fun. You’ll probably get to meet a unicorn speaker or two, get to know the SaaStr team, and learn how it all works.

See you in March!!

Published on December 21, 2019

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