Missed our biggest, best SaaStr Annual ever?  No problem!  We’ll start transcribing, publishing, Youtube-ing, and podcast-ing all the top sessions.  Some are already up, and you can watch at ton of them here on the Live tab on YouTube.

But if you want to catch up on the 7 Most Popular Sessions from 2023 Annual, here they are!

#1. What the Future of SaaS Holds for 2024 with David Sacks, Founder & General Partner, Craft Ventures and Jason Lemkin

#2. Building a Global SaaS Empire | Freshworks Founder & CEO Girish Mathrubootham on His Biggest Bets

#3. “Monday’s Secrets to Growth in Uncertain Times” with co-CEO Eran Zinman

#4. “What Top Founders Do Better to Scale Even Now” with @ycombinator‘s Michael Seibel 

#5. AMA with SaaStr’s CEO Jason Lemkin: Live From SaaStr Annual 2023

#6.  “6 Questions Founders Should Be Asking Themselves to Drive Value from Generative AI” Base10 Partners

#7. How Revenue Leaders at Box, Calendly, & Lattice Created Sales Acceleration Moments

Much more to come!!


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