At some point in 2021, we’ll be on the other side of this.

We’ll be back to events, including the SaaStr Annual 2021 IRL.  We’ll be eating indoors again.  And we’ll be back, in many cases, to the office.

For many of us, it will be a different office.  45% of you said you’d let the office just go, and another 18% of you said you’d downsized.  But 37% said you’d kept your office.

What is clear is we’ve all gotten pretty good at running distributed teams.  That trend was pulled forward a full decade by Covid.

It’s also still clear we benefit from being, and working, together.  55% of you kept an office, even when right now, most of us don’t need one. That’s a clear sign.  It just will be different after all this.

(And for some help figuring that out, contact Raise (previously HelloOffice), who are specialists in hybrid offices for tech companies now).

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