Stewart Butterfield threw out an interesting statistic in a recent interview with Fast Company … over 20% of Slack employees have been hired since Covid-19 hit and the shelter order in SF went into place.

By the time this really ends … and my guess is Q2’22, but even if it’s Q3’21 … how big will that number be?  40%?  51%?  60%?

Even at little old Team SaaStr, half of our team has never really stepped foot in our “offices” in San Francisco and Palo Alto.  By the time we’re ready to go back “to the office” … should anyone even go back?  And to what?  They’ve never even been there.  They’ve never even worked in a SaaStr office (or a Slack office or your office) … ever.

No matter what office, if any, you re-open … most of us will have never once stepped foot inside of our company’s offices when we’re over this.

That’s why there will never be a traditional office again.  It’s time to start planning that way.  A hybrid office, or no office, or distributed offices.  But it won’t be the old one.

This is the New Normal now.  Not what was before.  Not the old processes, the old performance reviews, the old ways of talking, the old office.

Because most of your team will never have even experienced the Old Ways.


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