What did the 100,000+ subscribers to SaaStr’s Cloud Daily find most interesting in the Cloud this week?

Let’s find out!

Here are the top stories:

#1:  “Russia’s Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked:  ‘Largest Data Breach in Its History’

My suggestion: share each data breach and hacking story with your dev team.  And ask them if it could happen to you.  You will get some scary answers.

#2: LinkedIn is Migrating to Microsoft Azure

But it will take 3+ years!!

#3: Microsoft Invests $1 BIllion in OpenAI to Develop AI Technologies on Azure

The Cloud Wars continue to heat up.  Maybe like nothing we’ve seen before.

#4:  “Microsoft’s ‘Blow Out’ Fourth Quarter Beats Analyst Projections By $1 Billion”

Even being #2 in Cloud platforms, even without a mobile strategy, even with Windows in slow decline …  Microsoft is still worth $1 trillion and growing.  Cloud is Huge.  Huge.

#5.  “Exclusive:  How Sequoia Became India’s Biggest Venture Capital Firm”.

The big VC firms are just as competitive and aggressive in India, and in some cases, China and in the U.S. (and Europe).

#6: “Tinder In-App Purchases No Longer Use Google Play Billing”

Mobile subscriptions are becoming a big deal, although it’s early overall.  No one wants to pay a 30% a year tax.  No one.





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