We’re getting close to 2024 SaaStr Europa on June 4-5 in London, followed by 2024 SaaStr Annual, Sep 10-12 in San Mateo, CA (just south of downtown SF, just north of Palo Alto).  Join us!!

In the run up, we’re looking at a bunch of classic sessions from the past.

Aaron Levie, founder CEO of Box, has been part of SaaStr since the beginning, both our first real SaaStr post as well as our first SaaStr Annual speaker ever.  Predicting that Box would hit $1B in ARR on TechCrunch way back in 2014 was also a key part of early SaaStr lore.

A look back.

#1. Aaron first joined us as the kick-off speaker for the first SaaStr Annual in February 2015.  Box had literally just IPO’d and the markets still didn’t quite understand SaaS yet.

Aaron Levie of Box: “If We Just Sold to Silos-in-the-Enterprise, We’d Only Be a $25,000,000 Business”

#2.  Aaron came back to SaaStr 2017 with two of his top marketers, and they talked about how they brought parts of the Box marketing playbook to Gainsight and more.  A good look back at how to break out in the enterprise here:

Aaron also was kind enough to join Harry Stebbings to do Episode 100 of the SaaStr Podcast here:

#3.  Aaron came back in 2018 with his ex-head of Business Development, Karen Appleton Page to talk partnerships.  This was a great convo on how to really build a partner ecosystem both in the early days, and at scale:

#4.  In 2020, as the world changed for SaaS, Aaron came back to share how digital transformation was changing enterprise buying.  That transformation is perhaps the biggest change of all, and it’s still ongoing:

#5.  Then at 2021 SaaStr Annual, Aaron was kind enough to join and do a deep on how going multi-product had reaccelerated Box’s growth as it approached $1B in ARR.. A great deep dive here:

#6.  In December 2023, Aaron came back and did a deep dive with us on AI and More in SaaS:

Thank you so much to Aaron for being such a great supporter of SaaStr!

And we’ll see everyone at SaaStr Annual 2024 on Sep 10-12!!

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