There’s so much going on in global events, it’s truly hard to keep up.

What is clear is SaaS is going nowhere, larger customers will all renew, and that folks still want SaaS.  But what is also clear is that buying decisions in many cases will slow down.

We took an unscientific survey on Twitter, and the results were 55% of folks saying their deals were slowing down, and 45% saying not yet.  And 25% saying their deals were slowing down a lot (40%+).

This isn’t scientific, but we have a great CEO base at SaaStr and seems pretty consistent with what I am seeing anecdotally.  Inbound seems about the same.  Field leads obviously are on hold.  And prospects are naturally trying to get a sense of what they need to buy today, versus maybe a smidge later in the year.

What Things in SaaS Were Like in ’08-’09. And What They Probably Will Be Like in ’20.

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