We’re heads-down for the biggest, best SaaStr Annual ever!  But right after that, we’re gearing up for the 3rd SaaStrEuropa.com in Paris, 17-18 June.

If you’re thinking of attending or attending again, a few highlights:

  • We’re back at the stunning Maison de la Mutualite, right in the heart of the Left Bank again.   Same great location as in the recap of last year in the video above.
  • Tracking to 3,000+ attendees … so it’ll be packed.  We’ll see where we really end up on attendance, but right now we’re already tracking to almost 2x (!) of last year!  Whatever it is, it will be significantly bigger than last year … and packed.  This is realistically as many as we can possibly fit in this venue.
  • Far more attendees — but same sponsor pricing through March.  If you want to sponsor, do it now.  Even though we’ll be a lot bigger, we’re holding the same sponsor pricing through early March.  This is called deflation!  So sponsor now 🙂
  • More workshops, more braindates, more mentorship.  We’ll add over a dozen new workshops on scaling, even more braindates and mentorship sessions last year, and more VC sessions.  We’re basically adding almost an additional stage each day (3x), so there will be even more to do.
  • 50% of our speakers are slotted, but if you want to speak — apply now.  It is not too late.  Scroll to the bottom here.  We are mainly looking for underrepresented founders, unicorns, and high brand start-ups, but we’re open to a lot of things.  Just apply soon, like really soon!
  • Tickets are still really cheap until March 1.  Not as cheap as a few months ago, but really cheap.
  • Champagne, jazz, parties, and more.  Like last year.  But even better.

If you haven’t been to SaaStr Europa — it’s just really fun.  3,000 folks over 2 days is just enough to meet tons of people, but not so many you get overwhelmed.  Term sheets are easier.  Meeting a top unicorn CEO is easier.  But it’s big enough there’s always tons to do.

Join us if you can!  In Paris!!



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