Catch Up on The Top Sessions From SaaStr Scale: CEOs of Attentive and Hubspot, CROs of Wiz, Rippling and DigitalOcean, CMOs of Samara and Typeform and More!

So we’ve got all the amazing sessions from 2022 SaaStr Scale up on YouTube here!

You can also check them out here below:

#1. “3 Lessons from Building a Marketing Engine to Grow Pipeline from Millions to Billions with Samsara’s CMO”.  A great session on marketing at scale, across multiple products — with ton of great Q&A at the end.

#2. “SaaStr’s Revenue Confidential with Rippling VP Sales Matt Plank and Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond.  A deep dive on how Rippling has really scaled its sales engine.

#3.  “Building a Brand with Data: 4 Overlooked Marketing Plays that Win the Long Game with Typeform’s CMO.”  A great look at how to leverage a PLG motion at scale.

#4.  “True Story: What Breaks Going from $0-$100M ARR in Less Than 2 Years with Wiz CRO Colin Jones”.  I really enjoyed this one, a very intellectual approach to scaling a sales team as just an epic rate.

#5. How to Turn More Than 40% of Your Prospects Into Long-Term Customers with the CEO of Attentive.”  Attentive rocketed to $350m+ ARR in just 6 year.  Wow.  Here’s how they really did it:

#6. “Leveraging Product-led Growth to Drive Sales Pipeline with Asana’s GM and Head of Revenue Marketing”.  A great session on how Asana does PLG at scale.

#7. “Managing a Thin Balance Sheet: 4 Lessons Learned From a 2 Billion Acquisition | Laika Founder + CFO“.  How to Go Big — With Less!

#8. “Leveraging Compounding Channels For Long-Term Growth with Demandwell”.  A pretty sophisticated marketing deep-dive from 3 leaders on how to compound multiple marketing channels.

#9. “Big Numbers from Small Customers: How DigitalOcean and its CRO Accelerated at Scale”.  How do you “sell” a product priced as low as $50 a month?  A great session on how here:

#10. “Move Over, Sales: Why Product & Marketing are the C-Suite’s New Power Partnership with“.  A look at how product and marketing work together at scale.

#11. “10 Tips for Startups to Create Powerful Partnerships with Big Companies with SAP.”  Some great tips from SAP on how to partner with … big companies like SAP! 🙂

#12.  “Pivoting from Growth-at-All-Costs: Four Focus Areas to Thrive in Any Market with BCG”



Published on December 15, 2022

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