So we’ve got all the amazing sessions from 2022 SaaStr Scale up on YouTube here!

You can also check them out here below:

#1. “3 Lessons from Building a Marketing Engine to Grow Pipeline from Millions to Billions with Samsara’s CMO”.  A great session on marketing at scale, across multiple products — with ton of great Q&A at the end.

#2. “SaaStr’s Revenue Confidential with Rippling VP Sales Matt Plank and Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond.  A deep dive on how Rippling has really scaled its sales engine.

#3.  “Building a Brand with Data: 4 Overlooked Marketing Plays that Win the Long Game with Typeform’s CMO.”  A great look at how to leverage a PLG motion at scale.

#4.  “True Story: What Breaks Going from $0-$100M ARR in Less Than 2 Years with Wiz CRO Colin Jones”.  I really enjoyed this one, a very intellectual approach to scaling a sales team as just an epic rate.

#5. How to Turn More Than 40% of Your Prospects Into Long-Term Customers with the CEO of Attentive.”  Attentive rocketed to $350m+ ARR in just 6 year.  Wow.  Here’s how they really did it:

#6. “Leveraging Product-led Growth to Drive Sales Pipeline with Asana’s GM and Head of Revenue Marketing”.  A great session on how Asana does PLG at scale.

#7. “Managing a Thin Balance Sheet: 4 Lessons Learned From a 2 Billion Acquisition | Laika Founder + CFO“.  How to Go Big — With Less!

#8. “Leveraging Compounding Channels For Long-Term Growth with Demandwell”.  A pretty sophisticated marketing deep-dive from 3 leaders on how to compound multiple marketing channels.

#9. “Big Numbers from Small Customers: How DigitalOcean and its CRO Accelerated at Scale”.  How do you “sell” a product priced as low as $50 a month?  A great session on how here:

#10. “Move Over, Sales: Why Product & Marketing are the C-Suite’s New Power Partnership with“.  A look at how product and marketing work together at scale.

#11. “10 Tips for Startups to Create Powerful Partnerships with Big Companies with SAP.”  Some great tips from SAP on how to partner with … big companies like SAP! 🙂

#12.  “Pivoting from Growth-at-All-Costs: Four Focus Areas to Thrive in Any Market with BCG”



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