Team SaaStr has updated the SaaStr Weekly newsletter for the first time in a long time.

Check it out here and subscribe here:

We’ve added:

  • More discounts and freebies!!  
  • Cleaner updates with all the latest content.  Just in case you’ve missed any of the latest!  We’ll collect it all for you.
  • Hot Jobs.  Free listings here for all subscribers / CEOs hiring.
  • Video of the Week.  A short, easily digestible video learning you can mostly only get in the Weekly from a top industry leader.  Check out Scott Belksy, Chief Product Officer of Adobe, in this week’s Weekly.
  • The Latest Podcasts.  and
  • The Latest Tweets.

A whole bunch of you have also asked about advertising in The Weekly, and we’ve gotten behind.  But with the new format, we can more easily add in a great Offer from A Trusted Sponsor, so if you want the distribution to 40,000+ of the top CEOs and VPs in SaaS, let us know here.

We will keep adding more, this is just the start!

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