Dear SaaStr: How Can You Ensure a Smooth Transition When A New Team Member Takes Over a Customer Account?

Add value in the first interaction.  This is so rare.

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a random email, “Hi, Tony is gone from the company. I know nothing about you, but I’m your new rep. Can we schedule a call?”

Find some way to add value.

One great way is to demo upcoming features / an upcoming release.

“Hi, I’m Jason, your next account exec. I’d love to find a way to help even more. Can I show you or anyone on your team the new AI features we’re launching shortly? There’s no additional cost for them and based on what I can see, they may radically increase your efficiency.”

Not perfect. But much better.

A second, albeit riskier, way to add value is to set up a call asking for “honest feedback on how we’re doing.”

This works, too.  Customers often just want to be heard.  The “problem” is you might have to do something about it.

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