Dear SaaStr: One of Our Most Respected Team Members Quit and Folks Are Leaving. What Do I Do?

Promote someone great that everyone respects into a leadership role.  Right now.

This is really the only answer I’ve seen to this situation. We’ve all been in it at least to some extent, at some level. Sometimes, a termination. More often, someone highly respected or at least with a lot of team loyalty quits. And there’s a quick exodus.

Some of it, you can’t do anything about. Some of their team will indeed leave. And that can be tough.

But what you can at least do is immediately meet with their top 2–3 reports. Who was the best Director under them? Do they want to stay? Promote them to VP. Or a manager to Director, or a top IC to Team Leader.

Your best strategy is to quickly promote one of their best, and ideally most respected, team members to a Leader.

It won’t stop the exodus, but it will help you rebuild more quickly, keep a lot of that domain knowledge, and at least retain a chunk of the best.

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