Dear SaaStr: Should I Switch from HubSpot CRM to Salesforce if I’m Just Starting Out?

My general advice here has stayed the same for 15+ years — but my specific learnings have evolved.

Advice: Just let your VP of Sales pick their CRM.  Let Your Top Execs Pick Their Tools.

Until a few years back, they’d probably want Salesforce 95% of the time. You might not. But whatever tool they want, I think you have to let your VPs pick their tools. The ones they know and trust. Otherwise, the amount of pain and new learnings aren’t worth it.

But: far, far more startups are using HubSpot for CRM than just a few years ago. It’s dramatic. Almost half of SaaStr Annual attendees use HubSpot, not Salesforce, for CRM now. A related recent survey we did here, with similar results:

So let your VP of Sales pick what they want. But do you need to start with Salesforce on Day 1 these days? I say no. Half of you also say No.

More here:

Has HubSpot Taken Over the Startup World From Salesforce?

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