Dear SaaStr: What are some benefits you can add to get people to buy a product besides discounts and add-ons?

The best reps create so much value, that, in the end, customers do them a favor back and buy on time.

The best reps:

  • Do demos for everyone that needs one across the org, not just for the buyer. This helps them socialize the purchase.
  • Help make sure any pilot or test usage truly goes well. They dig in and even do it themselves in many cases.
  • Get and find out honest answers to questions and make sure potential product limitations are addressed.
  • Help do an honest competitive analysis in a way that saves the buyer time.  Not just plays games.
  • Truly show the ROI of the product. Not just a webpage or a tear sheet. Really helps honestly build the case for ROI.
  • Calmly work with procurement and other administrative headaches to get the deal done.
  • Sometimes, even do training and more for the first group of users.  To make sure it really goes well.

Do that.  Really, really help your buyer, and they will buy from you.  More often than not.  And often from you vs. a competitor that doesn’t.

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